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I greet You with great respect, I think it is not by chance that You are here. We all know that thoughts are energy, and for energy, distances and borders do not exist. The internet also connects us. For us, who would like to make the World better, and now want to do something in this respect, the technical possibility is given to connect with each other.

In the press and other media we can read each day about how we have been destroying our planet and our living conditions. How the power of money grows, ignoring the boundaries of countries, ruling the in a bigger and bigger part of the world. How many children and adults die of hunger, in how many places wars are fought, in how many places atomic bombs are produced... There is no point in repeating these facts, defining the world in which we live and which has to be made a better place.

Thought is energy, and we believe that through thought any number of people, at any time, simultaneously, at the same time can have a great influence on our lives and the WORLD itself.

We will open the first member of the Sunorange - HOME chain on September 21, 2007. A spiritual and educational Center, to which, in our hopes, many people will join from different countries of the world.

Sunorange Meditations

Our aim is to maintain contact, to send information, advice and suggestions to each other, for each other and for the World. We gather at the appointed meditation date (everyone at their own place) and make a joint effort for the realization of a better World. We await Your registration, either individually or in a group:

On-line Sunorange

About Sunorange Programs

When we started to think about how we, ordinary people can influence the destiny of the World, the following inspirations have come:

1. Eastern and Western Philosophy and Thinking

The ancient knowledge, the Eastern teachings need to be rethought (as it is done in many places) and to be alloyed with the results of the Western mind. Through this, we Westerners can make our life less stressful, wiser, deeper, more successful, avoiding the problems and diseases of body and mind resulting from the exterior and interior poisoning. These issues: the philosophical background, the scientific way of thinking, religions and customs, social sciences, psychology and health preserving methods will be discussed in lectures, while the different Eastern and Western methods and techniques can be tried out and learnt with the help of those working in the Center and invited experts.

We wish to enhance the nearing of Eastern and Western thinking.

A few references:

  • We need the enlightenment of both the West and the East - Ken Wilber
  • The East is the East, we know it from books too, and the two worlds can never meet. But they should - C. Northcote Parkinson
  • Zen Buddhism and Western thinking belong to the intellectual fields that need to be explored and clarified. - Abe Masao
  • We are heading towards a post-industrial age which we still do not see clearly. But it is sure that this age will not last long...The world is changing. Nothing is like it was before, not even the future. If we want a better future for ourselves, for our partners and for our children, then we need to change ourselves. - Ervin László

Eastern – Western Orientation, Meeting Directions

This is also embodied in the spatial organization of the Center - one part of it is the West (on the Eastern part of the Sunorange Center), which was named Salon, after the European salons of the late 1800s, which gave home to thinkers. This Salon will be the venue of discussions and lectures.

The other part, symbolizing the East, was named Ashram (and it faces West), ensuring space for meditations, other practices needing engrossment (yoga, chi kung, tai chi, psycho trainings, etc.) and other health preservation kinetic therapies.

50 – Fifty Most Important Lectures

The subtitle of the lecture series starting in September could be the following: To be aware of the world in which You live, You need to hear these. What they did not teach in school, although they should have. Unfortunately our age, due to the extraordinary scale of growth in the quantity of information, does not enable the individual to obtain comprehensive knowledge. The methods and requirements of primary, secondary and tertiary education do not serve this either. The topics of the lecture series are wide-ranging: the development of Western and Eastern science, the history of religions, the differences in Eastern and Western medicine and their points of connection, the science of energy, the history of philosophy, the methods of futurology, psychology and sociology, social sciences, the great questions of life.

2. Our Environment

Pollution and environmental damages have presented a problem worldwide for a long time, and the future life of Earth is also dependent on this issue. We plan to have lectures on these topics with the participation of environmentalist experts, at least once a month.

3. Art

Writers and artists always played a role in throwing light on problems, and art with its own means made our lives better and nicer. According to our hopes and plans, writers and representatives of other forms of art will also be present in the Sunorange Center, in the form of exhibitions, films, writer-reader and artist-art lover encounters.

4. The Future Generation

It is important that children and those who haven'’t been born yet become tolerant, empathic and well-balanced adults, sound both in body and mind, ready and able to create and manage the better World. For a healthy childhood it is optimal if the conception and birth of the child is designed by the parents, if the baby is loved already in the womb and is affected by as few traumas as possible and the inevitable mental injuries are healed in time.

For this, Sunorange has a child-program for 0-14-year-olds, which includes health preservation therapies, baby-mother yoga, children's yoga, children's homeopathy, kinesiology, creative activities (dancing, handicraft, letting off the tension of the children), etc.

Other Sunorange Programs


We plan to hold programs, lectures, discussions where people of different age but of a similar mentality can meet, enabling communication, thus counteracting the visible isolation, also presenting a great problem these days.

Lectures on Health

Among others the Salon will house round-table discussions and lectures of experts and practitioners of alternative medicine.

Just for a Cup

If You have an hour or more and You do not feel like sitting in a café or walking in a plaza, You can always come here for a cup of tea. You can meet and talk to other people like You.

Can We?

And the year 2012 is coming. We do not know exactly what this year holds for us, there are some suppositions, but anyway, it would be good to avoid anything bad (the scientific and esoteric details are exposed here. We have the intuition that if we cooperate, (and that is why the Signs have come to launch Sunorange) with our means we can contribute to the retuning of the negative processes. Because, as we said earlier in this introduction, thoughts are also energy...


Budapest, May 24, 2007