Global Meditation

Welcome, friend. Thank you for joining us tonight. Find a place that is comfortable, and let go of everything that is not happening to you right now. Let go of everything that has happened before. Take a deep breath, hold it in for a short while, then exhale. With that exhale, let go of everything that is not in the here and now. Repeat this a few times, until nothing but your breathing and yourself is left.

Every thought, feeling, story, problem, offense and pain can go away, since they are not in the now. Only you and your breathing exist in the now. Everything else is already gone. Be happy for this. Be happy for the silence that has awakened in you and which you are in reality. The noise of the outer world is now far away - perhaps it has never even existed. There is only yourself and your breathing.

Now that you have let go of everything, you can start to build your future. Yes, your own future, that is independent of anything that has happened to you before. In order to decide freely of your future, you do not have to do anything. You are free. Nothing has ever happened which could influence your choices in the present. You already know where and how you want to live in a few years. Do not just envision it. Live, feel, and enjoy that future life. With this, you can already get a glimpse of what is to come, the happiness that you will have.

When you leave this place, you will take nothing else just that feeling of life. Everything that was important to you before will stay here. Your possessions, your properties, your memories, your relationships, your loved ones will be left behind like old clothes that you've outgrown. Only you will be left and your feeling of life. Just like now.

There is only you and your breathing. The only thing that counts is how you experience your own life, how much happiness you have created, how much you have given and received. You know the rule: the more you give, the more returns to you. It doesn't count if it's money or love or help. If you give, you will receive. You can be sure of that. You can see that the control of your life is in your own hands. It is there right now and it always has been there.

Now you know that this is the only thing that counts. So go, and create a better life for yourself and for those around you. Give more love, give more acceptance, help more. Let love fill your life. Everything else is irrelevant and will fade away with time. Yourself and your feeling of life will be the only things left. Consider your whole life on this basis. Your choices can already change your experiences for the better, and through that, you can change the experience of others and the experience of the whole world.

Do not believe what the media tells you. Your opportunities are endless. You could be liberated right now, and you could live happily, in peace and in endless abundance. The planet itself makes this possible for you. This was already possible before, you just chose not to believe in it.

Pay attention to yourself and pay attention to your feelings, and then you will know when someone is trying to sell you something that is not true. The media only broadcasts half-truths, which are stories about the choices that others have made. They are not about the choices that you can make. They are not about your life. The bad choices that others have made do not limit your own choices. You can still make good choices to gift yourself with an unlimited supply of happy moments, to live your life in abundance.

It is the media which makes you believe that you have no other choice. Listen to the underlying thought which it tries to plant in you. Turn off the sound and only watch the image. Feel what they are trying to convince you about, feel what they are trying to sell you. Listen to your emotions. Is this true? Is this really the best choice that you can make? Is this good for you at all? If it's not good, then why are you doing it like this? Are you just stuck in a rut? So what? You can stop at any time. If you have realized that something is not good for you, you can just stop doing it. It may be intriguing, amusing or exciting, but does is make you happy? Is this really what you want? Or do you have another choice?

Peace be with you. Our love be with you.

Manifest a free life for yourself. You know you can. You can, right now.