Global Meditation

Why don't you have the trust? The gates are wide open!

Welcome, friend. Thank you for joining us tonight. Find a place that is comfortable and quiet, and let go of everything that is on your mind. Take a deep breath, and exhale everything which is not in the here and now. Everything that is truly important - you, and your breathing - is already here. Everything else has never even existed. There is nothing else but you and your breathing. You don't need anything else, so you can just let go.

Now that you have arrived at the place where you create your own world, you can feel that what you only truly need are you and your breathing. Everything else, every need and want, you can createon your own. You can create everything that you can imagine and fill with emotions.

Focus on your emotions now. Using this very same energy, you can create experiences both pleasant and unpleasant. The choice is in your hands, but most of the times you don't choose, you just let yourself drift with all the events that have been created for you in the past. It is time that you changed that and decided where you're headed. As when you cross a flowing river, you do not step in the water before making sure where you want to go.

The Earth is very unlike a quiet little lake now. Decide on your direction, on your essential goals, on the environments, relationships, and groups of people you want surround yourself with. Make these the focus of your attention. When events spiral around you, you have to decide what you really want.

It would only take one second to change the setup of this big game and liberate the Earth - but you still choose not to. Why? Why do you not trust yourself, your own power to create, your power to collaborate? Why do you not synchronize your prayers and meditations that ask for the liberation of the Earth? Right now your efforts are fragmented, you are only creating small bursts of light. Synchronized, praying for one common goal, you could cleanse the whole planet, set it free in a split second. Why do you not do this? Think about it. Your choice does count. Every intent that aims for livable, free life on this Earth, counts. But if you want to reach it, you have to do something about it.

It is not your job to deconstruct the old world. Others are there to do that. If you are here now and listening, you are not one of them. You are part of the construction team that is in charge of creating the new Earth with your imagination, filling it up with light and love.

You could already have reached all this with synchronized prayers. The doors are already open - they have been for years -, but you have yet to enter. You still believe the noise of the media that has been presented to you as the only possible choice.

But ultimately, the choice is in your hands. Right now. Even now you are choosing what world you want to live in, what relationships you want to live in, what kind of people you want to live among. If you really trusted your power to create, you would know that everything is possible the moment you open your eyes.

Now, are you sure in this or can you only believe that sometime, years later, perhaps the state of the economy, your credit balance, or your life in general will gradually become better on it's own somehow? If you believe this, you support the old world. But if you know where you want to live, and keep it in the focus of your attention, and even accept it as the only existing possibility, then you will be building a new world for yourself and others. All of you possess infinite power to create, and you still choose not to use your powers consciously and in unison. You don't really even believe this. If you did, you would already live free in the new world you have created yourselves.

You possess infinite power to create. Do not use your power to recreate your own limits. For you, the most important thing should be your own self, and the decision on where and how you want to live in the upcoming years. What is it that you would want to do? What would you be doing if you weren't forced to go and make money because you had the money to fulfill even your wildest dreams? What is it that you have come here for? What is the most important for you? What is your true goal?

Search for your answers and make them part of your everyday meditation. Know that with your powers combined you could be living in this new world in seconds. But before that happens, work on making the life your dreams more clear in your mind, and experience these dreams as many times as you can.

We will be seeing each other soon and continuing the process of creation.
Peace be with you. Our love be with you.
Manifest a free life for yourself. You know you can.